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Emergency "Gap" Grants provide interim monetary or non-monetary assistance to qualified individuals whose needs are the result of an unforeseen incident. The grant provides "gap" funding to assist individuals in getting back on their feet.



Individuals in need of emergency assistance must have a qualified Charity Partner or manager at a PK Management housing complex apply for the grant on their behalf. Individuals cannot apply for funding on their own. Once the exact nature of the emergency has been determined, the Charity Partner or PK Management representative is contacted by ALL WAYS UP to make a deeper assessment of the situation and determine whether the applicant qualifies for funds. Each application is evaluated on an individual basis.

What We Typically Fund
The grant program makes one-time, emergency disbursements for a specific emergency. We typically fund requests that make a significant difference in the applicant's life and where the funding or support provided will resolve the problem.


Examples of funded requests include:

  • A low-income working mother/father who needs assistance repairing her vehicle so she/he can get to work
  • A low-income working mother/father who needs rental assistance for three months while undergoing chemotherapy
  • A low-income family in need of new furniture after losing their home to a fire
  • A student with a $1,000 tuition gap


What We Do Not Fund:


squareCheck.jpg  Organizations - the emergency grant is for individuals only



squareCheck.jpg  Requests for toys or gifts



squareCheck.jpg  Rental or utility assistance*



squareCheck.jpg  Medical bills**




  Individuals who are not working*



* Exceptions can be make in the case of medical or
   temporary emergencies.
**Requests to help individuals having medical
    emergencies will be considered, however
    ALL WAYS UP will not fund payment
    of medical bills




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